This is a wordpress page of Muhammad Syafei’s whose online alias is daengpei. You can find him almost on every popular social media using that username. Here you can find him writes the most things he passionate about; which divided into three different categories: football, social media and technology.

In ‘football’, he writes what he thinks interesting going on in the world of football, especially European football and his beloved Juventus FC. He loves football and he loves Juventus.

In ‘social media’, he writes about big news or updates in the world of popular social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and so on.

In ‘technology’, you can find him writing about big technology updates, especially about gadgets and Apple products. Why Apple? Because he loves Apple, and only Apple.

Those three things are the things that always find him excited. If you find his posts are interesting and makes you excited too, please follow this blog or at least do comment anything you can tell about the post. He always loves to read those kind of thing. Or maybe you can reach him via Twitter at http://twitter.com/daengpei, say hi or anything. These things will please him.

Or for more serious contact, you can reach him via email: daengpei@gmail.com



4 thoughts on “About

  1. “Intinya, Gue akan menulis HANYA mengenai apa yang Gue pahami, karena Gue wajib mempertanggung jawabkan apa yang Gue tulis di sini ” <– bijak sekali daeng,semoga apa yang di tulis dapat bermanfaat bagi kita semua amin 🙂

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